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AMIMON to showcase WHDI on Sanyo's wireless HD projector at CES

Darren Murph

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Okay, so we had a sneaking suspicion that this whole "uncompressed streaming of high definition video sans wires" was a bit too good to come true at CES 2006, but once again AMIMON is promising to showcase its WHDI (wireless high definition interface) at next week's Vegas extravaganza. Providing a little backbone to the claim is Sanyo, which is slated to showcase the "world's first wireless HD projector" using AMIMON's technology. The demo will utilize a yet-to-be-named Sanyo PJ and will reportedly beam unadulterated imagery via an "802.11a/n RFIC chipset" from an HD DVD player without the help of wires, and the quality should look exactly the same as if you were using a DVI / HDMI cable. Current developer platforms allow connections from any device outputting in HDMI, component, S-Video, composite, or VGA, and WDHI operates in a "5GHz unlicensed band" which enables video streaming "of up to 3Gbps" from 100 feet away. Sure, even today this still sounds mildly unbelievable, but if both firms keep their word, we'll be seeing just how truthful these bold claims are in a matter of days.

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