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Emptiness fills the Xbox Live Arcade void


Wednesday will soon pass without a new Xbox Live Arcade offering. Perhaps last week's unwelcome reception of New Rally-X soured Microsoft's spirits, prompting a 'then we'll give you nothing' response on this first Wednesday of the New Year.

1UP poked fun at the no-show, cleverly announcing the arrival of Jacksquat, an entirely featureless platformer. The site also posted this official explanation from Microsoft:

"It has always been our intention to release new Xbox Live Arcade content on Wednesdays as it is ready, which doesn't necessarily mean we will have new content every single week. The frequency of content will vary as games move from production to certification and are made ready for release. 'Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays' refers to the fact that there is a fixed day and time for all Xbox Live Arcade releases worldwide -- Wednesdays at 8:01 a.m. GMT."

Geez, at least toss us another UNO deck. Anyone else feel like today's snub is would-be punishment for our ungrateful attitudes?

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