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How much will Macworld really cost me?

No. I'm not traveling to Macworld. But I was mentioning to the husband that I was probably going to buy an iTV after it gets announced and/or introduced at Macworld. "Right," he replied. "And how much is that going to end up costing us?" So I sat down and started to figure out exactly how much that $299 gadget (assuming free shipping) would make a dent in our finances. Here's how it works out.

If you give a girl an iTV, she's probably going to want to be able to hook the iTV up to the TV with some good quality cables. So figure another $50 for those cables...

And if you give a girl an iTV and cables to hook it up to a TV, she's probably going to start thinking about replacing that old 27-inch unit with a shiny new high def widescreen plasma or LCD system that would run, oh say, maybe $1500 on a good sale...

And if you give a girl an iTV, with a cable to hook it to a shiny new HDTV, and you really think about it, she's probably going to want need to get a rockin' sound system for another two grand or so, right?

And if you give a girl an iTV, with cables, HTDV and a rockin' sound system, she's going to totally need at least a new $2500 Mac Pro with tons of disk space and 802.11n to connect to that iTV and a year's worth of (high def?) iTunes movies and TV shows, at say $500-ish?

And if that girl is rockin' out with her iTV, cables, HDTV, sound system, Mac Pro, and iTunes goodies, she's totally going to need a new, more comfortable couch. So let's say about $500, give or take.

So at just 300 smackeroos, that iTV is quite the bargain in comparison, isn't it? And that doesn't even begin to cover the $49 for the iLife 07 upgrade. And the iWork 07 upgrade, and... So anyway, how much is Macworld going to cost all of you?

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