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Pentax announces Optio E30 compact


Pentax has announced a new entry-level camera in its Optio line, following up the E20 (and E10 before it) with, you guessed it, the E30. As with those earlier models, this camera's aimed squarely at the point-and-shoot set, one-upping the E20's 6 megapixel sensor with a 7.1 megapixel one this time around, along with the same 3x optical zoom and 2.4-inch LCD. Otherwise you'll get the usual range of camera preset modes, a token 11MB of internal memory, and an SD slot for some all-but-required expansion (including support for SDHC cards). There's no word on price or availability just yet, although if the previous models are any indication, it should come in somewhere in the $200 range.

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