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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 2 winner

Barb Dybwad

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Day 2 caption contest. You made it tough to pick a winner, but the results are in -- commenter Odgit is going to take home the 60-day game card! We've listed the winner and a close runner-up below, and the honorable mentions after the break -- and a general hats off to everyone for all the great Matrix, Hitchhiker's, and Star Wars references and general pop culture pot pourri.

Don't forget, you have three chances to win our grand prizes as we Countdown to Burning Crusade. Grats to Odgit for taking the prize for Day 2, you've still got plenty of time to win a Leeroy t-shirt, and join us tomorrow for Day 5 of the Countdown.

Day 2 caption contest


"Nerf warlocks" by Odgit

Runner up:

Lazor was concerned when he stumbled upon his friend getting high. by larek

Honorable mentions:

6. "Bob, the utility of your Postmortem Levitation spell eludes me."

Posted at 3:57PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Spartacow

8. While the practice of throwing gnomes is a horrific insult to our race, the time-honored tradition of heaving your balding mother-in-law over a frozen lake after a hearty meal...well, that's just damn good fun.

Posted at 3:59PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by McLean Russell

17. Eat your heart out David Blaine, you trickless magician. THIS is how you do it!!

Posted at 4:15PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Prauche

22. "Dragonbreath Chili"
Occasionally belch flames at enemies struck in melee for the next 10 minutes.

Warning: Gnomes are advised to refrain from digesting this product as due to their physiology in combination with the potentcy of the ingredients; numerous side effects can occur such as spontaneous combustion, inceneration of the innards and escaping bodily gasses producing a lifting effect.

Thank you,

Lady Prestor
VP of Marketing and Treachery at Deathwing Foods

Posted at 4:20PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by HalcyonGT

42. "The finals in the 2007 Dun Morogh Wrestling Tournament ended in bitter defeat for the Flying Gnomes, who were no match for the Invisible Ogres."

Posted at 4:51PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by jeremiads

59. "By Odin's great hammer, this floating body is almost as peculiar as this metallic floating hand!"

Posted at 5:08PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Marshall

60. "See, I told you the secret of flight was to fall and miss the ground."

Posted at 5:09PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Alienated

64. Sources indicate Fizzling Sinksproket merely fell asleep atop the invisible zamboni sometime around 6 am while resurfacing the lake.

Posted at 5:12PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Coanunn

113. "...and when they're done on that side you gotta flip em' over."

Posted at 6:44PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Jason

137. "And what also floats?"


Posted at 7:47PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Steve

HAND: OMG! A floating gnome!



Posted at 8:18PM on Jan 2nd 2007 by Finnicks Daerkhiv

222. Size matters not! Judge me by my size, do you?

Posted at 2:56AM on Jan 3rd 2007 by holyterror

244. Not only druids are getting Flight Form come TBC.

Posted at 7:21AM on Jan 3rd 2007 by chillis

293. Geo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge Gnomes?
Kazaa: No, Geo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.

Posted at 3:10PM on Jan 3rd 2007 by Polarity

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