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Jeter still MLB cover model

Steven Bailey

If you base your sports game purchases on how pretty the cover athlete is, than this is a great day for you. Derek Jeter will once again don the cover of a 2K Sports' title. Predictably that title will be Major League Baseball 2K7. Mr. Jeter (or DJ as I like to pretend I call him) had this to say: "It is a real privilege to represent the premier MLB title in the video game industry." He continued, "Just as I am always striving to improve my game, 2K Sports is constantly improving theirs, and this dedication has made Major League Baseball 2K7 the best MLB video game ever." He then stopped reading the cue cards and went back to his favorite hobby of counting money.

Major League Baseball 2K7 will appear on the PSP March fifth (according to EB Games).

[Via IGN]

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