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Sony shortages show signs of slowing?

Kyle Orland

ABC News takes a good hard look at the anecdotal reports of plentiful PS3s lining store shelves in the new year after massive supply shortages over the holidays. ABC's determination is a little hard to parse, but it seems that while the system is increasingly findable, demand is still matching pretty close to supply.

Indeed, online product tracker iTrackr lists the PS3 at 52 percent availability, way above the 12 percent seen just last week, but still well below full availability. Compared to the current seven percent iTrackr availability for the Wii, it would seem the PS3 shortage is indeed slowing more quickly than that of its chief holiday rival. Whether this is because of increased production or decreased customer demand is anyone's guess.

While mainstream media and online tracking reports are nice, they pale in comparison to the massive collective power of the Joystiq readership. Are you noticing more new generation systems in the retail wild? How many PS3s and Wiis are sitting on the shelf of your local game store? Feed the anecdotal fires in the comments thread below.

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