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Automator Action: PDF Confidential - compress, encrypt and email your documents

David Chartier

It's been a while since I've paid attention to Automator actions, and I'm beginning to realize that I never quite worked them into my daily habits. Since I'm making more of a conscious effort to fit some handy actions into my workflow, I stumbled across PDF Confidential at Apple's Automator Actions Downloads page, and it looks to be mighty handy indeed.

PDF Confidential performs four actions for any document on your Mac (since Mac OS X has built-in support for PDF):

  1. Convert your document to a PDF (if it already isn't)
  2. Encrypt (you enter desired password)
  3. Compress
  4. E-Mail (you enter details in provided dialog box)
If you open this action in Automator it might be best saved as a plug-in either for the Finder or for Print Workflows, depending on how you roll. The action's author, rickyprograms, also claims that PDF Confidential is 100% PDF compatible, though I would assume Windows users would need Adobe's Reader installed in order to enter passwords and open any docs created by this simple action.

If you're one of the increasing many who live inside PDFs and could use some added security, this free Automator action might be right up your alley.

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