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Fortuna NaView GPS-610B gets thumbs-up from FCC

Darren Murph

With all these foreign-based GPS units suddenly making their way stateside, we're thrilled to see yet another Taiwanese navigation device get that coveted FCC seal of approval. The latest to pave its way to North American soil is Fortuna's NaView GPS-610B, and while we only truly know that it'll sport an SD / MMC slot, built-in stereo speakers for MP3 playback / turn-by-turn guidance, rechargeable battery pack, external antenna connector, car mounting kit, mini-USB support, integrated microphone for handsfree use, an audio out jack, and a four-inch touchscreen LCD, we suspect it'll resemble the GPS-600 pretty much to a T. If it does, you'll find a SiRF Star III receiver, 64MB of onboard NAND memory, 64MB of SDRAM, a Samsung CPU, and an optional Bluetooth transceiver. Per usual, those FCC documents aren't spilling any beans regarding pricing or availability, but it shouldn't be too long until the GPS-610B can enjoy the American air (and mile-long traffic jams).

[Via NaviGadget]

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