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Keynote Bingo for Macworld 07

David Chartier

These two Macworld 07 Keynote Bingo card generators almost make me wish I wasn't going to be live-blogging said keynote; it would be *so* much fun to be able to leap up and shout bingo in the middle of, say, the 30-inch iMac introduction. Of course, the subsequent beatdown from the surrounding fellow Mac nerds probably wouldn't be quite as much fun, but boy would it be worth it. I'm not really sure what the difference is between the two - I simply found them via Ranchero's blog. Fortunately, they both seem to offer the ability to create a card based on a random number you pick; that way you can re-print cards later to prove to your own fellow Mac nerds (that is, if they didn't beat you down) that you truly did score.

Have fun! Just don't blame us for any resulting bruises or hospital bills.

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