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LG's got 5 new LCD monitors for you, and you, and you...


More from LG; this time monitors, the LCD flagship kind, dig? Five "Certified for Windows Vista" widescreen LCDs in fact, ranging from 19 to 24-inches and all designed under the governance of Microsoft's Industrial Design Toolkit. Great, that gives an idea of what they might look like but a few pictures not to mention pixel resolutions would have been useful, donchathink LG? Anyway, the 19-inch (L196WTQ-WF), 20-inch (L206WTQ-WF), 22-inch (L226WTQ-WF and L226WA-WF) are all considered top-end LG models so you'll get a 2-ms response, 3000:1 contrast, 170-degree viewing angle, and a DVI input with HDCP for high-def video playback in Vista -- yeah, they include RGB too naturally. They also feature LG's f-ENGINE image processing chip further blurring the lines dividing television v. monitor use for gaming and PCs. In fact, the 22-inch (L226WA-WF) positions itself nicely into the niche by sporting an unspecified range of AV-inputs. The 24-inch FLATRON L246WP goes a step further by offering a 1920x1200 panel resolution, 1000:1 contrast, 8-ms response, HDMI and component inputs. No word on pricing or release date which is right on par for this announcement.

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