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Nokia E65: a slider for the suits?

Chris Ziegler

Nokia's business-friendly (but not necessarily uptight) Eseries has yet to pay host to a slider, which is kinda strange considering the overwhelming goodness of the N80 and the soon-to-be-goodness of the N95. No worries -- Finland's favorite phone company looks ready to right its wrongs with the 16-millimeter thick E65. The S60 3rd Edition smartphone rocks a full assortment of connectivity options, ranging from IrDA and Bluetooth to UMTS and WiFi, though HSDPA is a no-show (as is any trace of a North American 3G band). The cam clocks in at a respectable 2 megapixels, which we think is about right for a circa-2007 corporate smartphone, and the microSD slot will come in handy when it's time to supplement the 70MB of internal storage. If the details all pan out, look for this one to drop midyear for about €340 ($450, give or take).

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