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Some TextMate tips and tricks

Scott McNulty

I've previously mentioned my text editor of choice is TextMate. I'm the first to admit that I am not a power user of TextMate, since I'm a word slinger not a code monkey. Lots of TextMate's features don't really come into play for me, but even if one discards the many features that help developers there is still lots to sink your teeth into. This avalanche of features is sure to intimidate new users, luckily our good friends at Circle Six Design have taken it upon themselves to enlighten us to some of TextMate's features, as well as give us the low down on how to make TextMate sing (in a metaphorical sense that is).

As if that weren't enough, Scott over at WishingLine whipped up a neat background image that features some of TextMate's keyboard shortcuts. What more can a prospective TextMate user want?

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