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Televisions, beware -- here comes Wii darts


Before people started crying because they'd tossed their Wiimotes into their televisions, darts on the Wii almost seemed viable. Now it just seems like a whole series of accidents waiting to happen, and yet it looks like someone's going to do it anyway. While this one definitely comes from the rumor patrol at NeoGAF, it seems pro dart player Raymond van Barneveld knows something we don't about an amorphous Nintendo dart game. Hmm. A true sucessor to Wii Sports, perhaps? We'll wait to toss the confetti (or our Wiimotes), but it's an interesting rumor.

One forum poster did make the very relevant point that one could simply, y'know, buy a dartboard, but if darts came as part of a pack, we could perhaps stand to foot that price.

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