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Broadcasters and Cable continue to not get along

Ben Drawbaugh

The more people that run out and buy HDTV the more valuable HD content becomes and a few savvy greedy media companies intend to capitalize on it. Of course the Cable companies have been carrying these local channels for years and haven't been paying a dime, so they are obviously not too keen on the idea of paying to carry local channels. This isn't anything new, but as more and more people buy HDTV's it will be a bigger issue. Mediacom (a cable company) is pulling all of their Sinclair channels from their lineup after not being able to come to an agreement. Belo is at it again after trying to charge Charter for KMOV in St Louis, this time it's WFAA in Fort Worth. For the sake of our cable bills lets hope all the cable companies hold their position and refuse to the pay ransom. In the meantime, you can get by with an antenna, but don't tell Belo or Sinclair. If your trying to figure out why your local channel isn't carried in HD by your cable company you may want to check out Belo's site to see if they own them.

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