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Clarion unveils N.I.C.E. 430 navigation system / PMP

Darren Murph

Although Clarion's N.I.C.E. navigation unit got a decent review way back in the day, it was certainly in dire needs of a makeover, and since your P200 is probably half melted by now, you may be interested in the fresh N.I.C.E. 430. The latest handheld GPS / PMP device to come from Clarion's doors sports a 4.3-inch touchscreen LCD, 1GB of internal memory, SD flash card slot, SiRF Star III GPS antenna, built-in speaker for the MP3 playback / robotic creature giving you turn-by-turn directions, handsfree Bluetooth support, photo viewer, rechargeable battery, and USB connectivity. Really, the only thing completely necessary still missing about the $499.99 device is a hard release date and a blown up glamour shot, but we do know it'll be launching "sometime in 2007."

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