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Clifford Scout 420 navigation unit / PMP to land at CES

Darren Murph

It looks like Directed Electronics has switched more than a CFO in the past couple weeks, as its once self-branded NAV420 conglomerate has apparently been shifted to the Clifford brand, which typically holds down the remote start / security system side of the multifaceted company. Currently, all we truly know is that the Scout 420 has received a nod as a top honoree at next week's CES, that the website is currently nothing more than a JPEG teaser, and that it bears a striking resemblance to Sony's PSP. If we're to believe that nothing except the labeling has changed, however, it will purportedly include a 20GB hard drive, built-in GPS / navigation functionality, and music / video playback; judging solely by the control layout, we have to wonder if we'll see some sort of gaming / homebrew abilities bundled in as well, as the oddball (albeit very welcome) feature is its reported ability to tune into Sirius satellite radio broadcasts while navigating your routes. Sadly, there's no word on pricing just yet, but hopefully we'll get a clearer understanding of just what this do-it-all device is about in a few days.

[Via GPSLodge]

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