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Elipson Planets tease audiophiles, sport A2DP Bluetooth

Darren Murph

No, a decent Bluetooth-enabled sound system isn't impossible to find, but tracking one down with "audiophile" potential is understandably tougher. High-end French boutique Elipson has teamed up with Bluetooth guru Parrot to bring us the self-proclaimed answer to the audiophile's quest in locating a simple, wireless, BT-enabled set of speakers. The Elipson Planets boast a sleek, black (or white), spherical design scheme, and sport a "custom built" Bluetooth 2.0 EDR module which enables each speaker to automatically pair up when turned on. The tunes flow from the two-way 60-watt drivers, and while it only reaches down to 48Hz, it purportedly rocks a "bass-reflex" design to handle the thumps. Aside from plugging in your standard stereo cable, these orbs can receive data from any A2DP-compliant device, be it your PDA, cellphone, or third-party Bluetooth adapter. Although we're digging the design and wouldn't mind a nice set of perfectly precise speaks ourselves, whether or not they're honestly worth the €999 ($1,323) price of admission is certainly debatable.

[Via TrustedReviews]

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