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CES aftermath: 360 gets IPTV, no HDMI [update 1]

Dustin Burg

The CES presentation of the Xbox 360 has just finished and we've received a better idea of where the 360 is headed. The rumored IPTV service coming to the 360 is true and will allow cable stations to offer IPTV content through the 360. This service will be up and running this year, holiday 2007. We'll also be seeing Windows Vista integrating the Xbox Live service allowing cross communication between a Vista PC and the 360. Friends lists, game invites, and friend status' all from your PC rolled out this summer. They also gave out a few numbers including 10.4 million Xbox 360s shipped sold so far, 5 million Xbox Live users, and 2.7 million copies of Gears sold. They then compared the Gears of War IP to Halo and stated that they will be supporting the IP for years to come. Noticeably absent was any talk of a larger hard drive or an integrated HDMI port in future 360s, but that's why they call them rumors ... right? That's all we can come up with right now, but stay tuned for more tidbits that we may have missed.

Update 1: We corrected the Xbox 360 sales numbers. They did indeed sell 10.4 million consoles, not ship.

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