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CES: Sony ships 1mil PS3s in NA, targets 6mil worldwide by March '07

SCEA's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Peter Dille, took the stage at Sony's CES press conference to announce that Sony has met their goal of shipping 1 million PlayStation 3s in North America before the end of the year, in addition to imposing another goal on themselves: 6 million worldwide by March 2007. Even though they remind us that the PS3 reached 1 million units shipped (not sold) faster than either the PS1 or PS2 (check their math), we still think hitting 6 million units is ambitious. To put things in perspective, the Xbox 360 sold 1.5 million units worldwide in its first holiday season, with 900K sold in North America.

[Update: clarified the regions in question. Thanks, Steve2.]

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