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JVC HD GZ-HD7 1080i camcorder to hit in April

Cyrus Farivar

While we've been pining for more details on that JVC HD camcorder for the last few months, those folks in Japan have finally come through with some info that American consumers can sink their teeth into. Enter the Everio GZ-HD7 -- while its name isn't the easiest to say, its features are definitely something to behold. The GZ-HD7 shoots and records full HD images (1920 x 1080i) via a trio of CCDs (one each for red, green and blue). Further, it's loaded up with a 60GB hard drive that can store what JVC claims is up to five hours of full 1080i video shot with that sweet FUJINON lens. And like we spotted at CEATEC, there's an HDMI port, along with other connectivity options that include USB and FireWire. Sadly though, you'll still have to wait a little bit before you can take the GZ-HD7 home to meet your family -- and at $1,800, she ain't no cheap date.

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