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Kodak shoots out 8 and 10-megapixel EasyShare V803, V1003


The EasyShare lineup swells by two as Kodak tosses a couple more into the fray: on top of the entry-level C653 that slipped out a couple of days ago, the V803 (pictured above) and V1003 are rolling out in 8- and 10-megapixels, respectively. Both feature 3x optical zoom, 1600 ISO, 2.5-inch LCDs, 32MB memory on board, 30fps MPEG-4 video at VGA resolution, and a menu feature for storing your preferred flash, white balance, ISO and resolution settings between your Britney and Brangelina photoshoots. You've got a plethora of corporate "creative" colors to choose from across all three new models, from "silver essence" to "cosmic blue" and "golden dream," which, according to our crackshot palette translators, will bear a striking resemblance to "yellow." If you're a member of the female demographic pastel-conscious club, may we suggest "pink bliss"?

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