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Let It Wave showcases bandlet upconverting for 100Hz / 120Hz HDTVs

Darren Murph

It's no secret that blowing up snapshots with a low-res master just doesn't yield pretty results, but Let It Wave is trying to convince us all that its "Super-Resolution Bandlet Technology for HDTV Up-Conversion and Frame Rate Conversion" can do just that for SD content that yearns to mimic HD. The company will be demonstrating said technology here at CES, showcasing its miracle-working algorithm "on flat-panel applications," primarily 100Hz / 120Hz LCD and plasma displays. Its spatio-temporal geometric bandlet reportedly "restores details hidden in the original SD material and produces no flicker and no jaggy artifacts," and it even claims to do so without introducing blur. With all these 120Hz TVs being under the spotlight here in Vegas, we sure hope these folks can get this stuff out on the shelves rather quickly, and while it doesn't make mention of a hard release date just yet, hopefully we'll catch a glimpse ourselves and see if it's just snake oil.

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