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Linksys joins the NAS party with its upcoming NAS200 unit


Some PC World ads let slip a bit of new gear from Linksys, including the NAS200 Network Storage System, Linksys' first NAS product. About all we know about the box so far is that it's got dual drive bays and looks as boring as all get out, but it should be a welcome addition to the lineup for any Linksys/Cisco fanboys in the house. Linksys is also apparently prepping the CIT400 DECT Skype phone, which doesn't need no stinkin' PC, just like Netgear's SPH101. There's also that WRT600N we spotted in November and the PLE200 PowerLine AVEthernet Adapter, but deets are slim -- we're sure we'll know more soon.

[Via TG Daily]

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