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Macworld on Docks


So I was reading Philip Michael's "What's up Dock?" article over at Macworld and it got me to thinking. As things go, my dock is pretty clean and the reason it's as clean as it is is because the only things I stick into the dock are things that need drag and drop access. I have a half-dozen folders and maybe another half-dozen permanent applications, and they're all chosen because at times I need to drop items onto those folders or apps. Everything else I access via Quickeys, my keyboard macro program of choice. Email? I've aliased it to Command-Shift-E. Safari? Command-Shift-L, and so forth. I almost never launch an actual application from the Dock. So how common or uncommon is my approach? Do you use the Dock to launch your apps? Or do you use the Application folder? What about macros? And where do you pin your dock? Me? I'm totally a pin-to-the-right-of-my-main-screen person.

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