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Nvidia drivers leak potential PC Gears of War

Kevin Kelly

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There have been other signs that point to Gears of War eventually being released on the PC, and we're here with another Indiana Jones-like piece to the puzzle. Some Nvidia ForceWare drivers have been turning up with references to Gears of War in them. Now, before the rumor-mill gets into full swing, we'd like to caveat this news by saying the drivers were downloaded from The Guru of 3D, a site where you can download tweaked and modded drivers. They're also in beta-form, so we're not sure if this sign leads to the Ark of the Covenant or not. It's entirely possible these beta drivers include code for an as-yet-unreleased game or, and perhaps more likely, a precocious gamer decided to have a little fun with everyone's expectations. Both Microsoft and Epic have stated that there are no plans to bring Gears of War to the PC in the near future, but perhaps they just meant during the next five minutes, who knows.

Games for Windows will be hitting full swing with the release of Vista, but is this Gears of War rumor the real deal? It took Halo: Combat Evolved two years to make it from the consoles to the desktops, so, following that timeframe, we're already overdue for Halo 2 on PC, which is due with the similarly delayed launch of Vista. So, with a two year gap between console and PC versions, does it make sense to see Epic's shiny crown jewel appear under the Games for Windows brand? If you really want to kickstart this new initiative with a double-dose of Halo 2 and GoW, then it sure does. Two best-selling Xbox games would be a nice reason for folks to upgrade to Vista.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled during Bill Gates' CES keynote, which Engadget will be liveblogging about at 6:30PM PST tonight. Viva la show!

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