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Samsung keeps standard DVDs in the battle with three new up-converters

Omar McFarlane

Why join sides on the battle of "Blu-ray vs HD DVD," when the standard DVD format still has so much more to offer? Rather than making you place bets on which next-gen format will be the winner, Samsung is releasing three new upconverting DVD players: the lust-worthy HD1080P7, the HD870, and the AV9700. First up, the HD1080P7 resamples your fave movies from 420p all the way up to 1080p "true HD". It connects to your TV via HDMI-CEC -- for some added plug-and-play goodness between devices -- and sports a 10-in-2 memory card reader. Next, the HD870 upconverts DVDs only as high as 1080i, drops HDMI-CEC for plain ol' HDMI 1.3, and also loses the memory card reader. Lastly, the V9700 keeps the same feature set as the HD870, but adds a four-head Hi-Fi VCR. All three offer progressive scan and, interestingly enough, DivX playback; they are slated for Q1 release with pricing at $109.99 (HD1080P7), $89.99 (HD870), and $119.99 (V9700).

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