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Sharp introduces two iPod docks and a pair of XM-Ready audio systems


That 108-inch monstrosity ain't the only game in town for Sharp this year. They're also busting out a pair of i-Elegance portable music systems, along with some XM-Ready micro and mini systems. The i-Elegance units come in white and black -- how convenient -- and feature external woofers to out bass-ify some of their iPod-docking brethren. The DK-A1 and DKA10 (pictured) units feature and electronic equalizer, Esound digital processing for sprucing up compressed tracks, and an AM / FM tuner for kicking it analog. The A10 units also include a CD slot, while both players feature a remote and built-in alarm clock functions. You should be able to snag an A1 in may for $230, while the A10 should be hitting shelves in April for $330. The XL-UH270, CD-G20000, CD-MPX850, CD-SW330 and CP-G15000S players pretty much stick to tried and true bookshelf audio functionality, but the XL-UH270 and CD-SW330 players do both come XM ready. Those two players will run you $160 and $230 respectively. Peep the XL after the break.

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