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SimCity DS screens for Japan, no stateside announcement


NeoGaf posted screenshots of the upcoming SimCity DS being released in Japan next month. Based on the so-last-gen SimCity 3000, we'd typically scoff at something not SimCity 4's equal, but Simcity DS does look and sound sweet.

We understand that it takes forever and a day to translate and localize Final Fantasy. We're even OK with no release date set for Tingle's RPG. But why no stateside love for an American franchise, originally created by an American developer, who bears a striking resemblance to the "SimCity guide" in the screenshots? There's something seriously missing that we don't understand explaining why this game has no U.S. release announcement. It's not like there's something we silly Americans wouldn't "get" about the franchise. Nothings going to be lost in translation or go over our flighty little heads. We know SimCity and we do like it -- now just translate it out of Japanese and we'll be good to go.

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