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Toshiba updates Regza LCD lineup: 120hz, Deep Color and xvYCC


Toshiba is keeping up in the CES LCD features arms race, announcing several new 720p and 1080p HDTVs. Toshiba has four new 720p LCDs in 26-, 32-, 37- and 42-inch sizes, all shipping in the March/April timeframe. All include Toshiba's PixelPure3G 14-bit internal video processing with 16 times the colors of previous 8-bit systems, enhanced MPEG noise reduction technology and Dynalight dynamic backlighting that the company claims can create dynamic contrast of up to five times the panel's standard contrast ratio. Digital ATSC/QAM tuners, 3 HDMI inputs each and black cabinets complete the line. Two more LCDVD sets in 26- and 32-inch sizes add an internal DVD 720p upconverting DVD player. Toshiba has also added a new 52-inch 1080p display to its HL167 line, including ColorBurst (up to 90% of the NTSC color gamut and CE-Link (HDMI-CEC) control features. Finally, it has updated its Cinema Series in 42-, 46-, 52- and 57-inch models. All include ClearFrame 120Hz anti-motion blur technology, THINC Ethernet port and HDMI 1.3 connectors with Deep Color and xvYCC support. The 1080p Regzas are due in June or July, with the exception of the updated 42-inch, which should come a month earlier.

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