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Video: Emtrace's WidgetStation


Emtrace's WidgetStation is an interesting continuation in the "hardware widget" category of devices. Granted, the utility of a dedicated clock display, plus widget display is limited, but at least getting data on your WidgetStation is expected to be simple. Last time we saw the device, it had integrated Ethernet, but no other connectivity options. Now, the company says you can also use integrated WiFi and Bluetooth to push updates. As for the meat of the device -- the widgets -- the version being shown sported built-in Flickr, GMail and a calendar app, among other widget mainstays. The downside? Right now, the widgets are all proprietary, but as the video says, Emtrace is trying to move to an open widget architecture in the future. Also, no pricing yet, but the company anticipates a Q2 launch window.

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