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World of Warcraft's list of useless classes


Elizabeth Wachowski over at WoW Insider put together one of the more definitive pieces ever done on the useless classes in World of Warcraft. Scrounging together the best of the worst threads from the upcoming Burning Crusade expansion forums, Wachowski shows that every class is worthless for one reason or another, or another -- or another. She lists the reasons, with multiple hyperlinks. Anyone who's ever read or listened to complaints about classes in WoW will get a good giggle, or fume with rage; adding more reasons to why Warlocks are overpowered and why Mages are worthless because they're being out-DPSed by shadow priests.

Whatever Blizzard is doing with World of Warcraft, they're obviously on the right path. With seven million players currently paying $15 a month, that's a cool $1.26 billion going in the Ironforge vault every year. Burning Crusade launches on Jan 16 and we can't wait to see how Blizzard distributes the millions of copies necessary to satiate even 50 percent of players. Complaining about classes will be the last thing on WoW addict minds when they can't get their Burning Crusade fix at launch.

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