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Columbine RPG creator interviewed over festival boot

Jared Rea

When organizers of the Slamdance Festival's gaming competition pulled the ever-controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG from competition due to pressure from back-pedaling sponsors, creator Danny Ledonne diplomatically deemed the move "necessary to the festival's survival."

In a follow-up interview with Next Generation today, LeDonne offers some choice words concerning the decision, particularly for those who are glad to see it gone. "This is a confirmation that either this game is way ahead of its time or we live in a culture that simply has no time at all for games that deal with social issues in a direct, confrontational way," Ledonne said.

Whether or not you agree that SCMRPG is a meaningful piece of social commentary, this type of exclusion does make us wonder when games will stop being treated less like mere child's play and more like a serious medium for thought-provoking experiences. Regardless, it appears that the powers that be aren't yet ready for a game that combines a high school shooting with mythical, flying dragons from Hell.

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