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For Sale: EGM and 1UP


Ziff Davis is attempting to sell 1UP and Electronic Gaming Monthly. According to reports, publisher Ziff Davis is actively entertaining offers for a few of its divisions, including the Ziff Davis Game Group, which includes EGM, 1UP, the recently renamed Games for Windows and the recently deceased OPM (Official PlayStation Magazine).

Simon Carless of GameSetWatch, who has been following the story, believes, "Ziff might have closed Official PlayStation Magazine a little earlier than they might otherwise have done, in order to make the Game Group more attractive to potential purchasers, who obviously care most about 1UP. Which makes sense, because in most cases (prestige low-circulation magazines such as Edge notwithstanding), circs and revenues in consumer print are only going to trickle down over the next few years."

What this sale means is still up for great debate. There is currently no firm buyer and even if the unit is sold, readers probably won't notice a change for a couple years -- if ever. All this means right now is the Ziff Davis Game Group is up for sale, which is just standard business.

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