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Free transfers for some European realms

Eliah Hecht

For the European-server-playing readers in the audience, some awesome cracking news: free transfers, including a couple of brand-new realms! Thundgot sends a telegram wireless announcing the following transfers for English realms, with a stern note to the effect that origin and destination realms are subject to change, and that they won't be helping guilds with transfers:

  • Burning Legion to Boulderfist
    Burning Legion to Haomarush

    Crushridge to Burning Blade
    Crushridge to Jaedenar

    Drak'thul to Twisting Nether
    Drak'thul to Xavius

    Frostmane to Dentarg
    Frostmane to Mazrigos

    Grim Batol to Agamaggan
    Grim Batol to Dragonmaw

    Warsong to Daggerspine
    Warsong to Vek'nilash

    Kilrogg to Anachronos (brand new realm)
    Runetotem to Anachronos (brand new realm)

    Silvermoon to Bronze Dragonflight (brand new realm)
    Stormrage to Bronze Dragonflight (brand new realm)

Sometimes I feel like a European when playing since I listen to a lot of BBC radio shows. Can I have free transfers?

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