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Modeo launches mobile TV beta service in NYC


After a delay and a promise, Modeo has finally come through with the planned beta launch of its DVB-H mobile TV service in New York City, with the company also showing off the technology to those in attendance at CES. As we knew before, the NYC trial will be limited to just a few hundred users during its beta stage, each of who will get to test out the service with a shiny new HTC Foreseer handset. In addition performing the usual smartphoning duties, it'll let the lucky beta testers pick up mobile TV from the likes of Fox News and the Discovery Channel, as well as streaming audio courtesy of Music Choice. What's not so clear are any firm details on Modeo's plans beyond the NYC trial, with the company only saying that the beta will continue throughout the first quarter of 2007 and that they plan to use feedback from it to "evaluate network distribution options with wireless carriers." In other words, convince 'em to sign up before they go somewhere else.

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