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More details on Motorola's partnership with Warner Music

Chris Ziegler

It's one thing to say you're partnering with another company, but it's another matter entirely for said partnership to bear fruit. Motorola and Yahoo, see, they've done alright; Go for Mobile 2.0 went live in beta form the very same day they announced it. The Warner deal is another matter, though, with nothing consumers can put their hands on today. So what does it mean? It sounds like the two companies are going to use the agreement do some serious cross-marketing, with promotions for Warner properties appearing in Motorola product packaging (as we saw in Ed Zander's keynote this morning) -- and likewise, we would assume Motorola phones are going to start mysteriously appearing in Warner materials as well. A more tangible outcome will finally show up in the latter half of the year: "MOTO Experience Packs." These things'll download just like applets, but will basically serve as one-stop shops for all sorts of paraphernalia related to specific albums of music -- wallpaper, ringtones, full song downloads, and the like. Long story short, hang tight for a few months and this deal should start to produce some results we can see and hear.

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