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Warner unveils Blu-ray plans for 2007... have we been here before?


Warner has just released its 2007 plans for Blu-ray releases during the BDA press conference here at CES and... they look an awful lot like Warner's 2007 plans for HD DVD. Actually, they are the same. Almost everything is the same, sans HD DVD/DVD combo releases, Warner notes it has put out 33 Blu-ray discs so far, with Superman Returns leading sales for 2006. Still, we're sure that Blu-ray fans are happy to hear they won't be missing out on Martin Scorsese's The Departed, The Matrix, Harry Potter or even a few titles that have already been released on HD DVD like Enter the Dragon. Blu-ray will also be getting Ultimate Collector's Edition discs, but we have a funny feeling that all this parity is somehow related to Warner's recently announced Total HD combo disc.

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