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Wii: sucking in the seniors, bit by bit

Kevin Kelly

There's nothing quite like seeing a video game bringing families together, even if the above image does look like a page out of a slightly wacked IKEA catalog. Reader Jim has sent in his own entertaining tale about mom and dad proceeding to get hooked and pwn in Wii Sports, particularly bowling, as you can tell from his dad's nice form in the above photo.

Our own parental units were never really sucked in by the glitz and polygon counts of the other consoles, so it's great to see a new generation of gamers getting drawn in by the Wii-novation. Are we every going to declare a moratorium on adding Wii to words? You swear you'll never do it again, and then *bam* there it is. Wii apologize.

[Thanks, Jim! Check out his upcoming comic book too, nifty stuff.]

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