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WSJ reporting Apple-Cingular deal on phone


A loyal friend of TUAW sent us the heads up that the Wall Street Journal is running with the story (subscribers only) confirming an Apple-branded phone featuring Cingular service, to be launched "as early as Tuesday." As soon as we get a look at the full story we'll summarize it up. Time to mark your bingo cards everyone...

Update: Reader Tony B. shot us the text of the full story. Aside from the confirmation of the deal, there's not much else that hasn't already been discussed. There is one paragraph that departs from the usual cautious and conservative WSJ style:

"Several recent analyst reports forecast that Apple would sell millions of phones within a few years, bringing in billions of dollars in revenue. Some analysts go even further, predicting the impact of an Apple cellphone on wireless carriers, chip makers and other parts suppliers."

Apparently this writer is confusing Steve Jobs with The Brain:
"What are we going to do this year, Steve?"
"The same thing we do every Macworld, Phil Schiller... try to take over the world!"

Thanks JMC!

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