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Yahoo announces Go for Mobile 2.0, beta hits today

Chris Ziegler

A cornerstone of Ed Zander's keynote address this morning centered around Yahoo's exploits in the mobile space. Its first serious foray, Go for Mobile, wasn't really much of a game-changer in either of its major flavors (Windows Mobile and S60) for a simple reason: the app wasn't much more than a thin facade over a handful of Yahoo WAP sites. That's all good, though -- it's coming back strong with version 2.0, and this time, it looks like there's a little more special sauce mixed in. Yahoo's working closely with Motorola to deliver Go 2.0 out of the gate (hence the keynote tie-in), which we get the impression will find its way onto many of Motorola's upcoming models before they even leave the factory. Unlike the first version, Go 2.0 looks like it provides a fairly rich experience, partially thanks to integration with Yahoo's also-announced "oneSearch" mobile search. The system attempts to provide the user with "answers" rather than simply a series of links -- relevant content that is related to the search terms like stock prices, weather, and movie times, much of which can be integrated with a device's location-based services to provide local results as well. Though the beta is available as of today on a good number of devices, Yahoo is definitely playing up the Motorola angle, peppering its website with shots of the HSDPA-capable V3xx and V6 maxx models. Look for the compatibility list to expand significantly over the course of the year, and with the V3xx getting hyped like this, we wouldn't be surprised to see Cingular's rendition of it roll out any minute now.

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