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Alpine announces in-car AV unit / GPS docking station


Alpine has more on its plate at CES than the iPod-friendly iDA-X001, of course, also taking the opportunity to introduce a range of other in-car units, including this AV head unit with a docking station for its also-announced Bluetooth-equipped GPS device. The main IVA-W205 unit packs a relatively spacious 6.5-inch touchscreen, along with a CD/DVD slot and support for a range of other non-disc-based media, including XM or Sirius satellite radio with the appropriate tuner, iPod connectivity with full on-screen display, and USB connectivity for other MP3/WMA players. Pop in Alpine's latest Blackbird GPS unit, the PMD-B200, and the built-in Bluetooth will work its magic to transfer the device's GPS functions to the main unit, letting you swap the device between vehicles if you choose. Look for the IVA-W205 head unit to land in May for $1,000, with the PMD-B200 GPS unit also set to drop sometime in the spring, but for a yet to be determined price.

[Via Autoblog]

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