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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Vote for day 6 winners!


While we had a lot of excellent entries for the caption contest on day 6 of our countdown to the Burning Crusade, we've narrowed the field down to ten finalists -- and we want you to pick the winner! You have 24 hours to submit your votes, which gives you until 2:30PM EST on Wednesday -- so get voting!

Who's the winner of our Horde caption contest?
Troll: "Take it easy on the booze Mankrik, it's wasn't your fault she died"
Are those leftover Christmas M&Ms coming out of your forehead, or have I had too many Zimas?
"You not LOOK twenty one..."
On hearing the Horde would soon be flooded with Paladins, an orc consoles his troll friend: "My advice: start drinking heavily."
"So you say your a girl IRL..."
Unkthar failed, once again, to impress the ladies with his ability to play "Ride of the Valkyrie" on the bottles.
"20 gold, same as downtown."
"Sorry. Go to an Alliance bar if you want drinks with little unbrellas."
"Do you like my barrels?"
6 bottles of troll sweat: 2 gold 3 barrels of Darkmoon Faire Reserve: 15 gold Getting drunk with some friends right before the raid starts: pricle
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