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Dell makes custom BC laptop; '70s want their art back

Eliah Hecht

Apparently there was more than one keynote today (who knew?). Michael Dell at CES this morning decided to strike while the BC iron is hot and come up with a very limited edition (read: 2 made) M1710 laptop with some custom airbrushed WoW art on it. I can't find a better picture than this one; it looks like your standard Blood Elf vs. Draenei shot.

Kotaku writes that these are to be auctioned off on eBay, though Dell's own site appears to claim that only one of them ever existed, and it was given away at the keynote at CES. Being a Mac person, I didn't really want one anyway. And that art is giving me flashbacks to the Janitor's epic mural in the latest Scrubs episode: "usually you have to go to a van convention" indeed.

I'd link to Dell's page on this device, but it's buried in a horrendous Flash layout, and therefore seems to be unlinkable. If you really feel the need to subject yourself to it, click here and then click "M1710 Burning Crusade" when the Flash loads.

[via Kotaku]

Update: Engadget confirms that the 2 laptops will be "auctioned off to benefit World Harvest."

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