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Flat panel friendly OTA antenna - ANT188

Matt Burns

File this one away in "If I would have thought of this, I wouldn't be working for the man anymore." Seriously. Hanging flat panels and antennas generally don't get along that well, but RCA as a nice and easy solution. Simply hang the little piece of plastic off the front of the flat panel and a pair of rabbit ears is going to stick out of the back. No word on the performance but we are going to step out on a limb here and say this isn't going to work as well as your Winegard roof-top, but it is going to work a tad better then the current pair of rabbit ears duct taped to the back of your flat panel. The ANT188 is going to carry a price of $14.99 when it hits shelves sometime in April.

Note: the other half of the press picture includes flat cables and a wall mount - nothing new.

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