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Heavy Weapon next week on Xbox Live Arcade


Here's a thought: maybe there's a clever strategy behind tomorrow's Xbox Live Arcade release. With most gamers preoccupied with the new Gears of War maps, it's the perfect time to re-release Ms. Pac-Man (remember, this was Xbox Arcade's launch title). With the overused classic out of the way, and the Gears maps thoroughly romped, next week, we'll be ready for a major XBLA release. Enter: PopCap's Heavy Weapon.

Xbox 360 Fanboy has confirmed rumors that Heavy Weapon is scheduled for release on January 17 for 800 points. Sure, there's already a free stripped-down browser-based version out there (right here), but the deluxe PC version retails for $20. If you're down for another tank shooter -- this one's side-scrolling -- the XBLA Heavy Weapon is the version to own; plus it supports Live co-op. Hoorah!

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