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Live at the JVC press event


We're here at JVC's press event where they're wining (ok, not so much, but the OJ is fab) and dining us in the Augustus Ballroom of Caesar's Palace.

8:32 PST: Terry Shea, PR General Manager is on the podium to introduce Craig Geiger, Executive VP and COO.

8:35: We expect JVC Micro to see continued growth in 2007. Everio line has also been a stunning success, despite the recent appearance of a strong competitor. With a totally revamped line, we expect continued growth in 2007.

8:36: Gumy earbuds, best-selling headphones of any type. Now he's introducing Karl Bearnarth, Senior VP of Marketing.

8:37: We're introduced advancing high-speed Clear Motion driver to improve motion display for sports and action display. Ultra-slim HD-ILA introduced, world's first completely flat back projection TV. Completely finished back with wires hidden. 58-inch will be available this month, 65-inch in March.

8:41: HD1 projector, 15000:1 native contrast, true 1080p, 1920 x 1080.

8:42: Everio camcorders -- most will now include the Everio dock, easy docking solution. No need to rewire every time, easy charging and data transfer. Easy dubbing to DVD/HDD recorder via Firewire.

8:44: GZ-MG555 Everio: 5.4-megapixel cam with Gigabrid engine, which has different types of processing built-in. One designed for still images, one for video. Separate processor gives the "best of both worlds."

8:45: HD Everio, world's first 1920x1080 HDD cam; 3CCD design, Fujinon all glass lens, optical image stabilization. Three recording modes at different resolutions. Talking about the software side for editing your HD content, disc burning and file management.

8:47: Share Station -- easy DVD-video and HD data disc creation. Has full HD playback and remote control, for viewing your recordings on your TV.

8:48: Sophisti -- new home theater system. Integrates with your PC to make routing of your HD content to your home theater easy and high-quality. Two different models at $999 and $1999.

8:50: HA-NC80 noise-cancelling headphones. Dual noise cancelling mode at wide and low frequency.

8:51: Gumy phone HA-F130 are best-selling headphone in the US.

8:52: Talking about mobile products. 1DIN HDD AV Navigation system with built-in 2.5-inch 40GB drive. You can do navigation alongside A/V entertainment. Voice guidance in 3 different languages.

8:55: Arsenal products at the high-end of the mobile line. Black cosmetic designs across a range of A/V car units.

8:56: That's about it -- they're directing us over to their showroom to see demos of all the goodies.

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