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Mac-Friendly Third-Party Routers

Mat Lu

While many of us would probably like to have an official Apple Airport Extreme Base Station, it seems rather overpriced to me. Given that you can pick up a router on sale at Best Buy for $40, it can be a bit hard to swallow Apple's $199 price tag. While it's true that the Airport Extreme has a lot of nice extra features (like a modem and USB printer sharing), I still don't think it's enough to justify the price tag.

For all the cheapskates like me, MacFixIt has a nice listing of Mac-friendly third party routers. Although practically all routers are compatible with the Mac, some are easier to manage than others, and only some manufacturers offer tech support to Mac users. Preview: of the most common brands, Belkin and Netgear come out on top, with D-Link and Linksys further down the list.

[Via MacVolPlace]

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