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"Nothing" is most wanted PSP game in Japan


Popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu recently sent out a poll, asking gamers to predict what games and systems would dominate in the year 2007. As seen in data provided by Pink Godzilla, the DS and Wii predictably stole the show. While the PSP hasn't earned too much love in Japan, it looks like it won't fare any better in 2007, as people seem completely disinterested in the upcoming library of games. The top 5 most anticipated titles for the PSP in Japan are:

5. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
4. Final Fantasy Tactics
3. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
2. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd
1. Nothing

Yes, nothing beat out the two Final Fantasy games the PSP is receiving. Are Japanese gamers that disinterested in the PSP lineup, or are they simply misinformed? I'd like to bet on the latter: I'm sure with proper advertising, there's no way PSP gamers could resist the charms of Crisis Core.

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