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PowerSquid announces three new models, GOOD DESIGN recognition


The cephalopodic PowerSquid series of surge protectors is welcoming three new models into its warm, rather slimy, embrace. The MSQ and MSQ-Pro are geared towards musicians and musical types and with its extra long tentacle power cord, inky black color-scheme, and Purestream power filtering designed to improve sound quality, how could they resist? Music not your thing? Wrap your arms around the Surge1000, with 1080 joules of protection, five power tentacles, 40 dB Purestream power filtering, coaxial and phone-line protection, available for $54.95. In case you're not sure if the aesthetic works for you, we'll politely inform you that the PowerSquid is included in the (admittedly large) electronics category in the 2006 GOOD DESIGN awards. Still not sure, you can always buy one, call it art, and see if it grows on you.

The Pro ... note the glowing blue plug ends!

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